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February 13, 2017
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February 15, 2017
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Digestive problems and your health

At time, We tend to look for complicated solutions for simple problems. And sometimes simple problem create complicated situations.

Inefficient digestion is one such simple problem that is pretty common. Believe it or not, this one problem can give birth to a many complicated illnesses.

With age, stress and certain medications (e.g. Omeprazole for acid reflux blocks necessary stomach acid), our ability to digest our food declines and we start absorbing less nutrients from our food.

With any of the conditions mentioned above, your pancreatic activity may slow down, lowering the Hydrochloric acid (HCL) production, slowing down your digestive ability.

This low stomach acidity brings out the symptoms of indigestion like wind, belching, bloating and stomach pains.  Many times these symptoms are mistaken by people and even doctors for hyperacidity (too much acid). You then get prescribed antacids, which blocks HCL production further.

Spiraling malnutrition starts taking place, as elderly people who experience pain or discomfort when they are less likely to eat enough, eat enough of the right food. As the food intake reduces, inevitably their health could start do decline, with them experiencing lower energy levels and they may become less eager to shop and cook healthy foods, relying on the processed junk.

Just to offer you a simple remedy, try some diluted cider vinegar or diluted fresh lemon juice before/during a meal. Taking some digestive enzymes may help you too. However, just don’t go trying these if you suffer form stomach ulcers.

Another issues can be poor dental health and difficulty in chewing  in old age, that can lead to bad food choices. Steamed vegetable/fruits or soups can be a good alternative as they’re easier to eat and more digestible.

I have shared other remedies in the My Passion section of Online Wealth For All to help alleviate digestive issues as well. I’ll be sharing more on the topics of digestive health and proper nutrition in near future. Keep a close eye on My Blog section which already has a lot of articles on Health and Exercise for you to gain valuable knowledge from to better your wellbeing

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