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January 15, 2017
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My very first website blog for is going to be on bringing you the 14 fundamental traits of world class entrepreneurs. What you have to do is to be honest and reflect to know how you measure and whether being an eight to nine figure earner should just be a doddle for you. so here goes:

  1. The business is a top 3 priority in their life. Give you an example. Elon Musk puts 80 to 90 hours a week into making Tesla what it is today. Not so long ago, it used to be 100 hours. Do you have that commitment to your business
  2. They know their market intimately well. they know what is the deepest needs of their buyers or the market. Look at Garrett Camp with UBER. Would you say he knew his market well for what UBER is worth today. And that worth is over $50 billion dollars currently. Not bad huh..for just 8 years from getting the idea “on one snowy day in London” when Garrett and Travis Klanack had trouble getting a cab.
  3. World class entrepreneurs are obsessed with other words, they love knowing numbers of their business. Cash in and out, daily sales, gross sales. so on and so on
  4. They are ever willing to make short term losses to prove their idea. Ask yourself, if you’ll be prepared to put the last penny in your pocket on proving the worth of your discovery or idea, instead buying your lunch. FedEX and Amazon didn’t make a dollar in the first 5 years of their existence. Turned out pretty OK for them, won’t you say.
  5. They only know one speed and that’s FAST. You gotta be ready to scale your business FAST to get your desired outcome and see whether what you offered works or not!
  6. Relentless pursuit of their goal defines them. Single minded chase to their desired outcome. look at J K Rowling with Harry Potter. A depressed, jobless mother without enough to pay for heating at home went out publisher to publisher until she got what she wanted!
  7. True shameless promoters of their brand. Nothing can switch them off from an opportunity to further their idea with any given opportunity. Look at Floyd Mayweather and his big mouth. but does it get him paid? O YEAH!
  8. Their relationship with time is very different to that of the average person. Crazy self discipline that drives them to make use of every minute they have available. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter is also the CEO of SQUARE. This guy works 8 hours on one company and 8 hours on the other in a SINGLE DAY. Keeps a minute by minute plan to stay organised and ahead of the 99.9% of the rest of us.
  9. They change the rules of the game or the market they get into. the ones who enter with a revolution go on to become billionaires like Garret Camp (UBER), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), or Jack Ma (Ali Baba).
  10. Their competitive drive is second to none. they have to set themselves to win against any odds.
  11. They think on a “bigger” scale then normal people. well they have to right? to run organisations like Facebook or Amazon
  12. Always willing to learn and they know that learning is a lifelong process. how many of us would get troubled with this thought only?
  13. Understanding human behavior is a given with the scale of success. haven’t you heard of “high earners have high emotional intelligence”? has to be because their emotions has to be focused on their vision only for the scale of success they target.
  14. Eternal optimists! does this come as a surprise to you? how many pessimistic entrepreneurs have you met? You wouldn’t have just know that Enormous SUCCESS has no place for negativity and pessimism.

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